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Advanced Medical Alert Systems in St. Catharines

Your safety and well-being are our prime concerns at Prime Fire Safety. We understand that living alone is liberating, but we also know that a medical emergency can arise at any time. Installing medical alert alarms is crucial, especially when you live alone. It gives you a fallback option in case you require urgent medical assistance. It is also very beneficial for elderly couples living on their own. Our medical alert systems in St. Catharines provide you with the assurance that your parents are safe and you can reach them on time if an emergency occurs. Prime Fire Safety trusts only the best for your safety. We rely on Guardian 911 to help you in case of medical emergencies.

Guardian 911

Why Choose Our Medical Alert Systems?

Our medical alert systems are easy to use and come loaded with modern features that allow you convenience.

Some of the features of our alert system are listed here:

Clear and loud audio for good communication
Nationwide wireless network
Can be worn in rain or shower as it is waterproof
Weighs only 1.5 ounces and is easy to wear
Highly durable with shatter-resistant structure
GPS location tracker
Fall detection to inform your family or friends
72-hour battery life
Visual and audio indicator of battery status
Notification alert when the battery or cellular signal strength is low
Protected number service for communication with the monitoring center
iHelp+™ integrated to locate your pendant in the event of misplacement
Voice alerts to know the status of your call
Braille button
One-touch operation

We offer you a two-way communication product in the form of Guardian 911, which is highly beneficial for taking care of medical emergencies. The product comes without a monthly fee or long-term commitment. There are no hidden costs that you should worry about before installing the product for your loved ones. It is an easy-to-use product that comes with a tiny pendant. The user can wear the pendant all the time. The pendant will dial 911 on its own in case of a medical emergency. The pendant will also allow you to communicate with the operator so that you can describe the situation and the kind of emergency you are in.

Be Independent, Be Safe

Our medical alert systems will help you reach your family, emergency contact or medical help in an emergency.

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