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The Omnishield Network Keeps Canadian Families Safe and Sound

For decades, Prime Fire Safety has provided Canadian families with products to improve their standard of living and increase the safety of their homes. We have always delivered on our mission and prided ourselves on a quality job well done, but it hasn’t been enough. Comfort simply wasn’t enough without the peace of mind found in the safety and security of your home.


In early 2018, we introduced OmniShield products and systems into our business model. This partnership allowed us the opportunity to help Canadians protect themselves from the devastating effects of fire, flood, accident, or natural disaster. These complete systems alert you through smart technology and mobile apps about any possible threats to your home happening in real time.

Is Your Home at Risk?

Every Canadian home functions on a mixture of electricity, gas, and water to provide all the services required to live life. Often we take these systems for granted, but what happens when a malfunction or accident leads one of these to fail? Our homes can burn faster in our modern age than ever before, and flooding is reported in almost 40% of homes. Disaster can strike in mere seconds.

Fire with a slogan Time…your family’s first defense when fire strikes

Omnishield to the Rescue

The OmniShield network is a series of multiple sensors and alerts to monitor your home 24 hours a day from anywhere. Our app allows you to keep a watch on your house through the installed sensors, identifying various dangers in each room and notifying you by text or email. With available products to monitor, alert, and even wake you up, the OmniShield network gives you those crucial seconds between disaster and safety.


When you are ready to take your home protection to the next level, call our team for a free estimate. Be ready before disaster strikes!

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optical Smoke alarms

Fire Extinguishers

The Aluminum Valve Line of Fire Extinguishers is the finest in Residential Fire Protection. All valves and valve parts are manufactured on state of the art computer controlled machines and undergo many rigid inspections to assure complete reliability.


Coast Guard Approved
Dry Chem / Rechargeable
Halotron / Clean Agent
Easy to Read Gauge
Dry Chem / 2.5 lb. , 5 lb. , and 10lb.
Halotron / 1.4 lb. , 2.5 lb. , and 5 lb.

Fire Blankets

The Fire Blanket by Pyrotex is the perfect fire suppression tool for your kitchen. For grease fires or appliances, this lightweight, easy to deploy blanket will save your property and possibly your life. The fire blanket can also be used to wrap around your body for rescue situations. It’s made of fiberglass and smothers the fire while protecting you from the heat of the fire. Fire Blankets are found in kitchens around the world , yet there are few in North America. They are an effective & clean solution for grease fires.


Burn Kits

Used by U.S. Military, Fire Departments and other emergency personnel, Burn Free:


Draws the Heat Out
Immediate Pain Relief
Stops Burn Progression
7 Year Shelf Life

Fire Ladders (Roll-out Ones)

Take your X-IT Emergency Escape Ladder out of its box, and put it within easy reach in a nearby closet, under a bed or close to the window designated for an emergency escape. Be sure that you and your family have practiced using the ladder from a first story window not more than 6’ above the ground as preparation for a fire.


Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Industrial Grade Webbing
1,000 lb. Tested
Built-In Standoffs
Slip Resistant
10 Year Warranty
Tangle Free
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