A Network of State-of-the-art Products to Keep Your Family Safe

The OmniShield network is greater than the sum of its parts, but each piece of the network is essential to your family’s safety and protection. Today's homes present numerous safety challenges. Unfortunately, most home owners are unaware of the hidden dangers they face. We strive to treat each family's safety as our own. Education and advanced detection equipment are the solutions when seconds count.


At Prime Fire Safety, we have made it our mission to educate families about the devastating effects of home fires and other home safety issues. Our seminars and one-on-one counselling teach families how to escape and survive the ravages of home fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and in some cases, even prevent property damage.

All of our sensor products feature a powerful alerting horn, LED displays, 20 year industrial LiMn sealed batteries, and lifetime replacement guarantees.

Smoke Sensors

Many smoke detectors installed in homes today are unreliable due to dead or missing batteries, improper placement, dust buildup or simple age. Our network uses two different technologies to detect slow smouldering and fast flaming fires with less false alarms. Our optical smoke sensor is housed in a chamber which can be removed and cleaned.

Heat Sensors

Rooms such as attics, laundry rooms, and garages are not ideal for smoke alarms due to the activities performed in that room. This leaves gaps in your home’s fire safety. For these areas, our network’s heat sensor helps you leave no room to chance when it comes to a fire.

Carbon Monoxide Sensors

No home should be without carbon monoxide monitoring. CO is completely odourless, colourless and undetectable by humans. Our network detects this silent killer and alerts you in multiple ways before lethal levels occur.

Water Leak and Freezing Pipe Sensors

37% of homes have claimed water damage in their insurance and over 14,000 people experience water damage in their homes or at work every day. The average washing machine hose will leak every 8.7 years and 75% of water heaters will fail in their 12th year.

Radon Detectors

Natural Gas Detectors

Bed Shakers

Our number one goal is to alert you of danger at all times and help you pinpoint where the danger is. Our network uses multiple alerts while you sleep. We use the most effective waking sound coupled with vibrating your mattress to ensure you wake up and get to safety in time.


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